Sichert – Your Partner

We see ourselves as partners to our customers. While serving multi-nationals, no challenge is too small for us. After all, a customer who gets in touch with us needs a solution, and so our response to any request for help will always be: YES. This is our idea of corporate governance, and as a family business we live up to it through our commitment to our core values of innovation, competence and quality.

Affirmative corporate governance means:

  • YES – we can help you!
  • YES – we customise our products to your requirements!
  • YES – we will develop one-off products for you!
  • YES – we will deliver on short notice!
  • YES – we will deliver without an extensive planning period!
  • YES – we know the market beyond our own products!
  • YES – we would love to win you as a long-term partner!