For more than 25 years, the telecommunication sector has been the core business area of SICHERT. Having pioneered cable distributor cabinets, such as the classic KVz 82, SICHERT adjusted to a changing market early on. With our invention of the – now widely used – multi-purpose cabinet, we were able to facilitate the expansion of high-speed data networks and to position ourselves as market leader in this sector.

In addition, SICHERT prepared early on for the installation of modern fibre optics networks and – along with network operators, municipal utilities and fitters – developed cabinets and sub-assemblies purely for fibre optics applications. Unsurprisingly therefore, we stock the largest and most flexible assortment of outdoor cabinets and plinths for active or passive applications. Our clients bank on our expertise and experience as a partner in the installation and expansion of cutting-edge fibre optics networks.